Entertainment (Child, Teen, Family)

In July and August, we have a variety of games, music, competitions and shows for the entire family to enjoy.

Azu'rivage campsite is family-friendly. All activities are free and do not need to be booked. The latest they finish is 11pm.

  • Children's activities (5 - 12 years): 5 mornings and 1 afternoon per week (with a host)
  • Teen Events: 5 late-afternoon events (with a host) and a barbecue, just for teens!
  • Sport 10.30am to 12 noon: Muscular awakening, aqua gym, a stroll, etc. Late afternoon: Sports tournaments.
  • Apéro time: quiz, riddles and other family games
  • Evenings: discos, concerts, pétanque, bingo, quizzes, games and clown shoes (minimum 3 evenings per week)

Discover our entertainment on www.facebook.com/campingazurivage