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CAMPEZCOUVERT cancellation insurance


The Campez Covered insurance guarantees all cancellations
that are not your fault.
In other words, everything is guaranteed except a change of mind!



CampezCovert guarantees :

- Death, accident or serious illness, hospitalisation
Death, accident or serious illness, hospitalisation of the insured, of a parent or close relative - Material damage or major theft - Complications of the insured's pregnancy
- State of pregnancy contra-indicating the stay by its very nature
Pregnancy contraindicating the stay by its very nature
- Redundancy, contractual termination
- Convocation to a remedial examination
- Contra-indication and following vaccination
- Depressive state, psychological, nervous or mental illness
- Serious damage to the vehicle
- Obtaining a job
- Cancellation or modification of paid leave
- Professional transfer
- Refusal of a tourist visa
- Convocation: for adoption of a child, as a witness or juror
witness or juror in a court of law, for an organ transplant
- Natural disasters (within the meaning of law N° 86-600
of 13 July 1986 as amended)
- Ban on the site
- Cancellation of one of the persons accompanying the insured
(maximum 8 people)
- Separation (PACS or marriage)

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